The defined area is Heating Technology, which includes Induction, Gas, Vacuum, Halogen and other Heating Sources.

The Kanthal® Award will be awarded to a product or a heating solution that offers an innovative way to generate, withstand or control heat.


The term product in this context refers both to unique materials as well as design of products/applications using materials to create an innovative solution with clear benefits. For example this may relate to saving energy, increasing productivity and/or offering better performance.

Companies, institutions, organizations and universities, as well as individual persons may apply for the award.

The nominated applicants will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Technical level – low, medium or high
  • Innovative power
  • Benefit for many people
  • The innovation should be commercially applicable, if not already on the market.

Within these three criteria we can add on innovations/improvements/developments that lead to:

  • Sustainability (energy efficiency, consuming minimum resources, reducing pollution)
  • Quality of life (health, safety)
  • New solutions (processes, applications, technology)

The award can be won by anyone who has substantially developed or improved an existing product or method related to thermal solutions. To qualify for entry, a product must be in production or available as a prototype. It should have great impact for many people.

The application must contain:

  • Identification (name, company and address of the applicant(s) and contact person(s)
  • A description of the product, tool or method, preferably accompanied by a technical drawing, sketch or photograph
  • A motivation for why this product/solution should win the Kanthal®Award

The entries submitted will be treated as confidential by all persons handling them. Nominated entries will be published either in their entirety or in part, as agreed with the applicant.

The winner of the Kanthal® Award will receive a diploma, a statuette and 5000€ to donate to a charity organization which supports the same criteria as the Kanthal® Award. Any tax due is payable by the winner.

There will be diplomas and small statuettes for the two second prize winners.

An important part of the value of being the winner of / nominated for the Kanthal® Award is our extensive PR, which gives information about the nominees and, in particular, the winner.

The jury appointed by Kanthal® will nominate three finalists, and will decide on the final winner. If your entry is not nominated this year, it will automatically be entered for next year’s competition.