Three questions to...

…Linda Johansson, head of human resources at Kanthal®, about the new Kanthal® Student Award.

As head of HR, what is your main take on the Kanthal® Student Award?

“It’s all about finding great people with innovative ideas that can further develop Kanthal®. The prize is aimed at students, as fresh new ideas from young people benefit the company in finding new angles on what we do.

“Through the prize, we also get an opportunity to present our company and generate new contacts with students globally. It doesn’t matter if they are freshmen or final-year students at the university – we hope to connect with them for potential future positions.”

I’m a student thinking about future employers. Why would I choose Kanthal®?

“If you like the idea of contributing to a better world, I think you would love working at Kanthal®. We provide the industry with sustainable heating solutions and medical wire that save lives and contribute to a higher quality of life for many people.

“You will also feel very welcome. Kanthal® is a company with about 1,200 employees globally. It’s a perfect place to work in an international environment with great opportunities for development, yet with the feeling of being part of a family. Decision chains are short, so you will easily be able to try out your ideas.

“We have a transparent culture where we encourage curiosity, which allows you to take risks if you believe strongly in an idea. Being a Kanthal® employee means great opportunities to being part of our full range of facilities, including R&D, marketing and production, from melting to finalizing the finest value-added industrial heating products on the market. On top of that, Kanthal® is part of Sandvik Group, with a total of 42,000 employees internationally and even more career possibilities.”

What is the culture of Kanthal® – what’s the vibe there?

”Kanthal® is driven by diversity, both geographically and cognitively. We are genuinely open to new influences and the positive effects that come from that. New, clever minds that want to contribute to this will feel at home here. The company is not that small, but there is still a familiarity among those who work here.

“There is a pride among employees about being part of Kanthal’s innovative, collaborative and stimulating ecosystem. Everyone works together to do their best for the company, and you will quickly feel included.”